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Professional, Knowledgeable and Reliable Professional Aquarium Maintenance in the Portland Area

When you’re looking for professional aquarium maintenance in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area, there are many things to consider: Does the company have experienced and knowledgeable staff? Are they reliable? Will they show up on time and provide professional results? Do they understand the type of life support system I have in my home or office? Can they troubleshoot problems and prevent them from happening again? When you speak with the professional aquarium maintenance technicians at Aquarium Services of Oregon LLC, all these questions and more are addressed quickly with straightforward, businesslike and knowledgeable answers. Our team of experienced aquarists understands the science behind these living systems and the most effective ways to care for the animals living in them.

Flexible Portland, Oregon, Professional Aquarium Services Customized for the Needs of each Client

The needs of each client are as varied as the aquariums in their homes and business. While one client may not have the time to maintain the stunning display in their home or business and require more frequent visits, another may only need professional aquarium maintenance once a month to perform technically challenging tasks. The professional aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon understand this and customize the services they provide, such as:

  • Algae scrubbing, water changes, and general system cleaning
  • Life support troubleshooting and optimization
  • Water quality testing, interpretation and proactive maintenance to protect the health of the animals
  • Aquarium life support design and construction
  • Fish and invertebrate acquisition, quarantine and compatibility consultation
  • Helping each client better understand the science of aquatic animal husbandry and life support maintenance
  • Other services specific to the many different types of aquaria from coral reef displays to koi ponds to aquaculture systems and many others

Affordable and Reliable Aquarium Maintenance Services in the PDX Area

If you’ve been thinking about speaking with an aquarium maintenance company to assist you with your systems and animals, please call us today at (503) 784-4403 or contact us here to schedule a consultation. Once we’ve discussed your system and the aquarium maintenance services you need to be successful, we’re confident that you’ll understand why we have quickly become one of the most sought-after aquarium service providers in Oregon. For more information about what our team of professionals can do for you and your system, just give us a call and let our knowledge and experience help you create and maintain the stunning display you deserve.

Our Services

The aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon LLC provide a wide range of different maintenance services for fish tanks, coral reef systems, koi ponds, freshwater aquaria, aquaculture systems and other types of life support systems.


Routine cleaning of the display and life support components is essential for promoting animal health and maximizing performance and your enjoyment of your system. Whether we provide the aquarium cleaning services or show you the easiest ways to perform these tasks yourself, our goals remain the same: healthy animals and healthy systems for our clients.

Design and Installation

We design and install life support systems that maximize system performance and ease of maintenance while minimizing the system’s footprint. Whenever possible, we also eliminate water and pump noise, to reduce distraction and enhance the enjoyment of your display.

Professional Troubleshooting

Sometimes, even the most experienced hobbyist encounters a situation that they cannot diagnose. Other times, they simply need a second opinion to confirm what they suspect. In either case, our aquarists can bring their decades of combined experience troubleshooting life support systems to effectively diagnose and remedy the problem.


Our aquarists proactively maintain each aspect of a client’s life support system so that each display tank remains vibrant and engaging and maintenance remains manageable and affordable. How much or little maintenance we perform for your system is entirely up to you!

Water Testing

Performing regular water quality testing is very important to determine the overall health of any life support system. Being able to interpret the results is key to proactively managing water chemistry and promoting aquatic animal health. Let our experience and insight help you better understand how water quality positively (or negatively) affects the health of your animals.

All Services

Learn more about the range of professional aquarium maintenance services we provide for our clients. Our services are customizable, affordable and flexible to meet the unique needs of your system, animals and budget.

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If you would like to learn more about the professional aquarium maintenance services and support we offer to our clients and their systems, please call us today at (503) 784-4403 or contact us here. Our owner and lead aquarist Jordan Fry will contact you personally to schedule a consultation.

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