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Professional Aquarium Troubleshooting in the Portland Area

Whether you call them fish tanks, aquariums or aquatic life support systems, every type of system eventually experiences some type of problem that requires troubleshooting. Maybe it’s a persistent leak at a bulkhead fitting or a malfunctioning life support component. Perhaps your system won’t maintain temperature properly anymore or there’s a sudden outbreak of unsightly algae in your display. Or your fish are spending all their time at the surface and seldom venture deeper into the water column. Maybe you discovered an alarming wet spot on the carpet under the corner of your tank stand this morning before work. Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your system, the professional aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon have the answer.

PDX Fish Tank Troubleshooting

The Internet has made it easy to find pretty much anything online, including professional Portland aquarium maintenance services like ours. You can find blog posts, troubleshooting threads in online forums, facebook groups, local organizations such as the Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society and other resources. However, what these sources cannot provide is timely, professional, and experienced troubleshooting services informed by a technical education and years of professional experience.

The owner of Aquarium Services of Oregon earned a degree in Aquarium Science and not only knows how to identify and troubleshoot any problem you may be experiencing, he also has a thorough understanding of the causes of common problems, such as:

  • Leaking bulkheads and other fittings
  • Improper water chemistry parameters
  • Malfunctioning life support components like heaters, protein skimmers, filters, sterilizers, etc.
  • Algae blooms
  • Bristle worm infestation
  • Cloudy water
  • Fish gasping at the surface for air (piping)
  • Fish scraping against objects in the tank (flashing)
  • Disease and parasite outbreaks
  • Other problems specific to your type of aquarium

Troubleshooting as Part of an Aquarium Maintenance Plan

Not only do our aquarists know how and why these problems occasionally occur, they know the best ways to fix them to prevent them from happening again and impacting the health of your animals. Although some problems occur unexpectedly, many problems begin with simple and easily remedied habits such as overfeeding, lack of routine water changes, improper maintenance on LSS components and others. Whether you need us to help you correctly identify and troubleshoot a problem with your system or proactively manage your system so these problems don’t happen at all, one phone call to (503) 784-4403 is the first step to a lasting solution. Client education is an essential component of how we do business. Call us today and let our experience and technical expertise troubleshoot your system and get it looking its best again.

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