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Professional Aquarium Services in the Portland, OR, Area

The aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon provide a wide range of different maintenance services for fish tanks, coral reef systems, koi ponds, freshwater aquaria, aquaculture systems and other types of life support systems. We understand that when a client is looking for a PDX aquarium service provider, they need a professional aquarist who knows how to properly maintain the health and appearance of a system. They also need a pro who will proactively work to prevent potential problems from occurring that impact the health of your animals. Some of the aquarium services we provide include:

  • General aquarium maintenance – algae scrubbing, water changes, and filter maintenance, are just a few of the general services we provide.
  • Water quality testing and analysis – Testing the water quality is your system is essential for maintaining a healthy system and animals. Analyzing the results properly requires experience and a deep understanding of the chemical processes happening in your system. It is also key to identifying problems and preventing them from occurring.
  • Life support system design and installation – The health of a system and the animals living in it begins in the design stage and continues when the system is being built. Our technical expertise and experience ensures that the system will work properly for you and your animals no matter what type of system you have in mind.
  • Aquarium troubleshooting – Hobbyists and professionals alike all experience problems from time to time. Let our PDX aquarium maintenance professionals help you troubleshot your system’s problem and help prevent it from happening again.
  • Coral reef maintenance – Building and maintaining a stunning coral display requires technical expertise and experience that few aquarium maintenance providers can offer. Our aquarists have many years of professional coral husbandry experience maintaining SPS, LPS, and soft coral displays that enhance any home or business.
  • Freshwater aquarium maintenance – A properly planned and maintained freshwater system can and should be as inspiring and jaw-droppingly beautiful as any marine system. Interested in a cichlid tank with electric blues and greens? Perhaps a South American biotope with mesmerizing schools of tetras and discus? How about a planted tank with schools of different fishes darting between the leaves and fronds? Call us today with your ideas and we’ll make it happen!
  • Koi pond maintenance – Koi ponds flatter and enhance many homes and backyards in and around the PDX area. Indoor or outdoor, we have the tools, experience and expertise to help your koi pond stay beautiful and provide uncounted hours of relaxation.
  • Aquarium consulting – Whether you need a bit of technical assistance to build your own system or you’d like to add a stunning display to your lobby, office, restaurant or living room but don’t know where to start, you can rely on our aquarists to provide professional, knowledgeable and experienced consulting services.
  • Vacation coverage/ tank-sitting – Sooner or later, everyone needs Portland tank-sitting services to ensure that their systems and animals are cared for properly while they’re away on business, vacation, emergencies and other occasions. For professional results and peace of mind when you’re away, give our professional aquarists a call.
  • Emergency services – No one can forecast what type of aquarium emergency might occur or when it will happen but eventually everyone experiences an emergency of some kind. A phone call to (503) 784-4403 will bring fast, effective and professional aquarium emergency services anywhere in the PDX area.

These are some but not all of the professional aquarium services we provide and we tailor our services to the unique needs of every client. For more information about our Portland aquarium maintenance services, please call us today at (503) 784-4403 and let’s talk about your systems and animals!

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