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Professional Turtle Aquarium Cleaning and Maintenance in Portland, Oregon

Turtle Aquarium Cleaning and MaintenanceWhether you prefer to call them vivariums or paludariums, depending on the type of habitat you want to create, turtle aquariums are a unique and welcoming feature in any home or business, as they contain living plants and animals for a more natural environment. There are many aspects of these living systems that attract and reward the eye: the lush blossom of a blooming plant, the splash as a turtle enters the water for a swim, the soothing babble of a waterfall feature and many others. While these unique displays flatter and enhance the look and feel of any living room, family room, office lobby, dining room or other location, they require regular maintenance to remain healthy and vibrant. If you are looking for reliable turtle aquarium service in the Portland area, call 503.784.4403 today to speak with a professional aquarist who will answer your questions and deliver results.

Turtle Aquarium and Terrarium Service and Maintenance in the PDX Area

No matter what type of display you prefer for your home or business, turtle aquariums tend to need a little more maintenance than other types of aquatic systems, as they most often feature a high bioload in a relatively low volume of water. The bioload refers to the number and/or size of animals in a closed system and turtles by their very nature have a high bioload even in large exhibits that you might see in a public aquarium. This is because they require a lot of nutrition, which naturally results in a high volume of waste. Without regular, proactive maintenance on the system, a variety of problems can quickly occur, such as:

  • Chronically poor water quality. The waste produced by turtles and fishes can quickly accumulate, resulting in cloudy, unhealthy water with high concentrations of ammonia (NH3) and nitrates (NO3), which can adversely affect the health of the animals and the biofilter.
  • Compromised animals. The high levels of NH3 and NO3 in the water impair respiration, prevent fishes from offloading ammonia as waste, and make them ill, causing them to lose color, become much more susceptible to disease and parasites, and adversely affect appetite and normal movement and behavior.
  • A much less attractive display. Without regular maintenance, the water turns from clear to cloudy and unsightly, which in turn causes the plants to turn from lush and vibrant to brown, desiccated and eventually dead. Poor water quality also results in stubborn stains on the inside of the display, which can be difficult to remove without regular cleaning.

Portland Turtle Tank Cleaning, Moving and Maintenance

If you’re looking for professional and reliable turtle aquarium service in the Portland area, call 503.784.4403 today. Aquarium Services in Oregon is owned and operated by Jordan Fry, a professional aquarist who has quickly built a reputation for his knowledge of aquatic life support systems and animals, reliability, punctuality, quality of workmanship and customer service. If you’re looking for professional results instead of excuses, call Aquarium Services of Oregon for affordable, reliable aquarium service for your home or business.

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