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Many professional aquarium maintenance providers in and around Portland can claim that they have been caring for fish tanks since they were kids but few can match the breadth and depth of experience and education of Jordan Fry. Mr. Fry is a native Oregonian and the owner and lead aquarium maintenance technician of Aquarium Services of Oregon. After studying for a year at Oregon State, Mr. Fry learned of a unique, innovative and very hands-on program in Aquarium Science at Oregon Coast Community College. He enrolled after his freshman year at OSU and went on to earn an Associate’s Degree (cum laude) in Aquarium Science at OCCC.

It’s important to note that this degree was not earned solely in the classroom. The AQS Program provides students with:

  • Practical experience designing, building and proactively maintaining a wide range of different types of life support systems that they will encounter working in public aquaria, research facilities, aquaculture facilities, wholesalers and many other types of facilities.
  • Extensive experience testing water quality, interpreting the results, and the best means of proactively managing these parameters for the best system and animal health.
  • Many different types of filtration equipment, the best applications for them and methods to optimize their performance.
  • A comprehensive understanding of aquatic animal biology and health management.

While he was enrolled in the AQS program, Mr. Fry was instrumental in setting up, designing and building the first life support systems in the Teaching Aquarium at OCCC, which opened shortly before his second year in the Program. He and the other members of his cohort were the first students to work in the Teaching Aquarium, giving them an invaluable opportunity to apply what they learned in the classroom and enhance their practical experience.

During his time as an AQS student, Mr. Fry was also recruited and hired to be the Senior Aquarist at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. He oversaw and trained a crew of AQS and Marine Biology graduate students, who took care of the animals and exhibits in the Visitor’s Center, the Wet Labs in the Education Wing and the Hospital/Quarantine and Animal Holding areas of the facility. Mr. Fry and his team worked for Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan, a world-renowned aquatic veterinarian and Assistant Professor in OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

After serving an internship at HMSC to complete his AQS degree, Mr. Fry furthered his understanding of aquatic animal health and life support by completing a Bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Since earning his degree, he has complemented his education by working at local fish wholesale operations, providing life support system consultation services and providing professional aquarium maintenance service for an ever-growing list of clients in the Portland area.

Knowledgeable, Effective and Experienced PDX Aquarium Maintenance

Suffice it to say that if you are looking for professional fish tank maintenance in the Portland area, Mr. Fry and his team of aquarium maintenance pros are worthy of your consideration. He and his team have an uncommon understanding of the science behind different life support systems and the best way to proactively promote and protect the health of a wide range of different aquatic animals. If you are interested in discussing a professional aquarium maintenance program for your system(s) with Mr. Fry, call him today at (503) 784-4403 or contact Jordan to schedule a consultation.

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If you are interested in discussing a professional aquarium maintenance program for your system(s) with Mr. Fry, contact Aquarium Services of Oregon LLC to schedule a consultation.

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