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Professional Aquarium Moving/Relocation Services in Portland

Fish tank moving is one of the most daunting projects that an aquarium owner ever considers. There are so many things to consider: What to do with the fish and invertebrates? What to do with the aquascaping? How to disassemble and reassemble the plumbing and life support equipment? How to move the tank without stressing the seams, scratching the acrylic or otherwise causing permanent damage? Recently, we’ve been receiving an increasing amount of calls from current and prospective clients about fish tank moving in the Portland area. The good news is that if you need to have an aquarium moved in your home or business and would like to have it professionally done, Aquarium Services of Oregon has the tools, experience and expertise to get it done safely and affordably.

PDX Fish Tank Moving in your Home or Business

Perhaps the most intimidating part of aquarium relocation is the unknown. For most hobbyists, the only time they move a tank is when they bring it into their home or business and when they sell it, so they have little experience with planning and organizing a project like this. Our professional aquarists have years of hands-on experience relocating exhibits in public aquaria and taking down, moving and rebuilding aquariums of all sizes in our clients homes and businesses and can take care of every facet of the project, including:

  • Safely removing tropical fish, corals and other invertebrates
  • Ensuring that proper temperature, aeration and water chemistry are maintained for these animals during the move
  • Carefully disassembling and reassembling or rebuilding the aquascaping of the tank
  • Safely disconnecting and cleaning all the life support components and plumbing
  • The careful relocation of the display to another room, another building or another town
  • Reassembling the LSS and plumbing to ensure optimal performance of the system
  • Water quality monitoring to ensure that is safe to reintroduce the animals
  • Ongoing client support to ensure that everything continues to go smoothly after everything is set up and operational

Safe, Reliable and Experienced Portland Aquarium Moving Services

There’s a reason people have hired professional movers to move pianos, pool tables and other large heavy objects. They have the tools, experience and expertise to do it quickly and safely. The same principles apply to the professional fish tank movers at Aquarium Services of Oregon. We know how to make this project safe and affordable without damaging the tank, the animals, the equipment or the walls and trim in the facility. If you have to move a fish tank but are dreading the prospect of dealing with it, call us today at (503) 784-4403 to schedule a consultation. We’ll make moving your fish tank fast, easy and uneventful!

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