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Aquatic Life Support Design and Installation Services

Although it may be difficult to envision while you’re looking at a stunning display of healthy and vibrant aquatic animals, how an aquatic life support system is designed and built is an essential factor in the health of your animals. How an aquatic life support system performs and proactively protects the health of the animals living in it begins in the planning stage. This is when our aquarium maintenance professionals evaluate what type of system each client wants, they types of animals they want to have and the type of biotope they would like their system to emulate. Examples of biotopes might include: an Indo-Pacific coral reef, a Lake Malawi cichlid habitat, a Rio Negro tributary with plants, discus fish and tetras or a fish only with live rock (FOWLR) system with tangs, anemonefishes, wrasses, damsels and other aquatic animals.

Important Life Support Design and Installation Considerations

While there are plenty of advanced hobbyists and several fine locally-owned fish stores in the Portland, Oregon, area, that can provide good advice for your system, they cannot provide the same level of expertise and experience of a team of professional aquarists. They do not have the breadth of experience working on systems from 10 gallons in volume to 10,000 gallons, nor do they have years of experience designing systems that anticipate and eliminate problems before they get a chance to negatively impact the health of your animals. Our aquarists provide a wide range of comprehensive aquatic life support design and installation services, including:

UV Sterilizer

  • Life support consultation
  • Modifications to existing life support systems
  • Life support component selection and optimization
  • Complete aquatic life support design services
  • Plumbing and installation
  • Leak repairs
  • Other system- and site-specific design and installation services

Perhaps the most important aquatic life support design and installation service that our aquarists provide to our PDX-area clients is information and education: i.e., why and how it is better to install one LSS component before another or why one type of filter would provide better results over another, etc.

Professional, Experienced Aquarium Design and Installation Services in the Portland Area

If you are looking for a professional aquarist to design and install a whole life support system for your home or business or provide consultation services to a system you are building yourself, you can rely on the pros at Aquarium Services of Oregon. We have the tools, experience and expertise to help your system perform properly, look great and most important, provide a healthy habitat for your animals. For more information on what our Portland aquarium maintenance pros can do for you, please call us today at (503) 784-4403 or contact us here. Let us build a stunning (and healthy) aquatic display for your home or business and keep it looking great with our professional aquarium maintenance services!

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