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Professional, Reliable Portland, Oregon Aquarium Emergency Services

Sooner or later everyone experiences an aquarium emergency. It happens to hobbyists and professionals alike and the consequences can be catastrophic and costly. No matter your skill level and ability to work the problem effectively, if you need aquarium emergency services in the PDX area and want a timely and professional response, call Aquarium Services of Oregon at 503.784.4403. We will respond quickly to help you resolve the problem, protect the health of your animals and, if you like, conduct an evaluation to ensure that this emergency won’t happen again and prevent other problems that may be developing.

Some of the common emergencies that we respond to involve:

  • Leaking aquarium seams – If a seam on a fish tank begins to leak a little, it’s getting ready to leak a lot more and can result in a catastrophe. Depending on the situation, we may be able to apply some animal-safe sealant, which will help prevent a costly failure and buy crucial time for a more lasting repair.
  • Leaking bulkhead fittings – Even professional-grade schedule 80 bulkhead fittings can fail over time. When this happens, a client usually doesn’t know there’s a problem until a dark spot appears on the carpet or a pool of water appears on the floor. In many cases, we can make a quick, safe and permanent repair without having to take down the system.
  • Life support component failures – When protein skimmers or filters falter or fail, it’s usually not that big a deal for short periods of time. However, if a pump, chiller or heater fails, a fast response is crucial for saving the lives of your animals. We may or may not be able to fix or replace a pump or heater right away but we will help you work the problem and choose the best remedy in the short term while we plan for a lasting and professional solution.
  • Abnormal fish behavior – Animal health emergencies are some of the trickiest emergencies to manage, as they may diagnostic measures to properly identify and treat. The good news is: our owner worked for a world-renowned aquatic veterinarian and knows the best methods for working up an animal and developing a health management plan to treat it and prevent it from happening again.
  • Excessive microbubbles in system – There are many reasons why microbubbles suddenly appear in a display tank, usually involving the protein skimmer. Sometimes all a client needs is an extra set of eyes and a bit of professional acumen and experience to identify the source and address the problem.
  • Dangerously high (or low) water quality parameters – The quality of the water in any system is enormously important to the health of the animals living in it. If you routinely perform your own water testing and are seeing values that are atypical, unexplained and not responding to normal fixes, give us a call and put our chemistry expertise to work. We’ll explain what is happening, why it isn’t responding to normal fixes and how to prevent it from happening again.
  • Leaking plumbing – If you detect a leak in your life support system and don’t have the tools, fittings and experience to fix it yourself or are out of town and can’t fix it, let us know and we’ll fix it fast, fix it properly and evaluate other potential problem areas while we’re there, if you like.

Fast and Effective Fish Tank Emergency Services for the PDX Area

We offer 24/7 aquarium emergency services for everyone whether they are a client or not. The health of your animals is our first priority. We will get there as quickly as possible, assess the situation, and help you work the problem to reduce the potential impact. If you see a leaking tank or fixture or hear an odd sound coming from a life support component, do yourself and your animals a favor and give us a call at 503.784.4403 while the fix may be minor and inexpensive. Honestly, we hope we never get an emergency call but if we do, we’ll be right there! You can rely on Aquarium Services of Oregon.

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