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Medical and Professional Office Aquarium Maintenance

Professional Portland Medical and Professional Office Aquarium Maintenance

It’s fairly easy to understand why many medical and professional offices choose to have a large aquarium installed in their lobbies and waiting rooms: a well-maintained aquarium makes a very positive and immediate impression. The eyes of anyone entering the room are immediately drawn to the motion, color and calming effects that a dazzling aquatic display provides. Pulse rates drop, everyday cares slip away and many viewers lose all track of time as they immerse themselves in this engaging distraction. However, if the display is clouded with algae, turbid water and/or distressed fish and invertebrates, the opportunity to create a positive impression is lost and a far less desirable impression is made instead. This is why it is important to have professional aquarium service for your waiting room and lobby aquarium.

Reliable PDX Medical and Professional Office Aquarium Services

The professional aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon understand the science behind keeping aquatic life support systems healthy. We believe that’s one of the main reasons why medical offices, office buildings, and professional offices of all kinds rely on us to care for their living displays. Aquatic systems that are designed, built and maintained to be healthy are much more likely to have healthy animals living in them and that approach is manifested in all of the aquarium maintenance services we provide, including:

  • Regular maintenance tailored to your schedule and budget
  • Water quality testing and analysis
  • Feeding, cleaning and consultation
  • Fish and invertebrate sourcing and quarantine
  • Aquarium troubleshooting
  • Aquarium design and installation
  • Any other services our clients need to keep their aquatic displays attractive and healthy

Waiting Room and Lobby Aquarium Services in the Portland Area

We’re a locally owned and operated Portland aquarium maintenance company that understands the needs of our business clients. Our clients need results, not excuses, and that mindset has been instrumental in our becoming Portland’s most reliable aquarium services provider. If you don’t mind doing some of the maintenance yourself and only need us to stop by occasionally, we’re happy to tailor our services to your needs and budget. If you prefer that we cover all aspects of caring for your display while you focus on what you do best, we are happy to come by as often as needed. We take the needs of each client very seriously. If you’re looking for reliable waiting room and office aquarium services in your Portland area business, call us today at (503) 784-4403 or contact us here and discover for yourself why more and more professional settings rely on Aquarium Services of Oregon for al of their aquarium maintenance needs.

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