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Routine Cleaning

Every aquarium requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best and functioning properly. Finding time to clean your tank is not always easy for a busy aquarium owner to do. That’s why you call us (hint…hint).

Such regular maintenance includes removing algae from the aquarium walls and substrate where present. This obviously allows for better viewing of your tropical fish and invertebrate within your tank. Algae, in sufficient quantities can starve a tank of oxygen, and release toxins which may harm other aquatic life.

The second cleaning aspect requires replacing your systems water. If you think about, fish breathe, eat and excrete all within the confines of your aquariums four walls. As you may imagine over time this becomes a very foul environment. Siphoning the aquarium removes uneaten food, and other excrement, while removing old water with dissolved organics at the same time. Replacing the dirty water with new, clean water, of appropriate pH, alkalinity, salinity, is imperative to keep your system functional and habitable.

The third area of cleaning is that of your life support components (ie. filters, heaters, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, chillers) which work to support your aquariums conditions outside the tank itself. Skimmer cups need emptying, UV sterilizers need new bulbs to better “ZAP” free floating parasites, algae, and bacteria; particulate filters need replacement to remove solid wastes from the system. The maintenance on these life support components often get neglected and the system subsequently suffers from inadequate removal of various substances within the tank. Regular cleaning ensures optimal operation of your aquarium and minimizes the likelihood of nuisance algae or other undesirable outcomes of owning an aquarium.

Animal Husbandry

Much of our background is aquatic animal husbandry centric. Animal husbandry is the scientific practice of caring for animals in a captive setting…which is any aquarium or aquaculture operation.

The limitations of ones system often dictates the variety, and quantity of specimens that can be successfully housed. It is important for long term survival of any aquatic animal especially your tropical fish that it be contained in a system that meets its care requirements. Some species need special feeding, others require a certain spectrum of light, and even finely tuned water flow. If any of these are not appropriated adequately within the aquarium design the tanks inhabitants are sure to perish in short succession.

Much of what we do at Aquarium Services of Oregon llc. is maintain and advise aquarium owners on proper husbandry techniques and design attributes to ensure that the animals they have or wish to have will be in great health and can be enjoyed for many many years.

With our maintenance visit we analyze the livestock within the tank and provide feedback on the health of the aquatic animals and possible care adjustments to maximize health and longevity.

Professional Aquarist

The quality of service and level of care you will receive from Aquarium Services of Oregon llc. is commensurate of that of public aquaria. We provide our services and expertise based upon a scientific grounding of aquatic animal and system care. We have access to exceptionally rare livestock from some of the most reputable and healthy sources in the world. We have worked with industry professionals to better our own enterprise and ensure your grimy fish tank turns into a magnificent aquarium fit for pubic viewing.

At the end of the day if you want professional, reliable, and a straightforward aquarium service provider, we want you!

Please give us a call today!

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