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Professional Coral Reef Aquarium Design, Installation and Maintenance in the Portland Area

Coral reef aquariums are incredibly captivating and add elements of color, motion and contemplative wonder to living rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies and any other place they are installed and maintained. However, achieving the successes of sustained growth and vibrant color in corals is not easy. It requires a thorough understanding of water chemistry, proper lighting and flow requirements for each species, nutrient export and controls, life support system design and installation and other considerations. There are many resources online and elsewhere to discover these important considerations but working knowledge and experience provide the context necessary for ongoing success with corals. Our team of professional aquarists has years of experience designing, installing and maintaining thriving coral exhibits in private homes, restaurants, waiting rooms and other facilities. If you’ve always wanted a stunning coral display in your home or business, call us today and let our team create and maintain a reef for you!

Knowledgeable and Experienced Portland Coral Reef Tank Maintenance

Client education is a priority for us and an essential part of how we do business. We speak with our clients on an ongoing basis and are always happy to answer their questions. The way we see it, the more knowledgeable our clients are, the better able they are to understand why we do things a certain way and what informs our decisions on which life support components will provide the best results. For coral reef tanks, we frequently answer questions about:

  • Fish and invertebrate selection – Not all fish and inverts are suitable for a reef aquarium, no matter how striking their colors may be. Some tropical marine fishes are corallivores and would eat many of the most attractive corals in your reef. Many inverts are beneficial to a reef and perform important roles in an aquarium while others may eat or otherwise harm these delicate colonial animals.
  • Lighting – When it comes to aquarium lighting, only lights that produce the right wavelengths of light will keep corals healthy, colorful and thriving. The most expensive lighting may or may not produce the best results but the least expensive definitely will not.
  • Flow requirements – Just as most corals have very precise lighting requirements to grow and produce rich colors, they also need the right kinds of water flow for nutrient import and export. Otherwise, a client won’t achieve the polyp extension and growth that make reef tanks so engaging and rewarding.
  • Filtration – Like nearly all other types of aquatic life support systems, Successful reef aquaria need the right blend of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Bottom line: Healthy animals come from life support systems that are designed and built to be healthy. These are the only types of systems that we build for our clients.
  • Reef supplements – Not all reef supplements are created equal. That’s why we only use professional-grade products that provide professional results. Dosing high-quality supplements is one of many factors that work together to create and sustain a dynamic reef display.

Coral Aquarium Design and Installation for Your Home or Business

If you have always wanted a beautiful reef aquarium in your home or business, let our experience and expertise make that dream a reality. We design, build and maintain all sizes and types of reef aquaria, depending on what each client wants. Our aquarists will answer your questions, and explain why some types of corals, fish, inverts and life support components will be better for your system and budget than others. We’ll also develop a maintenance plan that will keep your reef stunning for you, your guests and clients to enjoy for years to come. For more information on how we can create a healthy and vibrant reef system for you, call us today at (503) 784-4403.

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