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Professional Portland, Oregon Discus Aquarium Maintenance

There are few freshwater fish species as iconic and lovely to behold as Discus (Symphysodon spp.) Aptly named for their slender profile, Discus are an uncommonly colorful freshwater fish but it is somewhat challenging to keep these animals healthy, as they are quite persnickety about water quality, pH, diet, tank mates and other factors. Without adequate care, the vibrant colors on these fish become dull, interesting behaviors disappear and these cool animals become skittish and reclusive. If you are looking for professional Discus aquarium care in the Portland area from a company that provides outstanding customer service and results, call Aquarium Services or Oregon today at (503) 784-4403.

Discus Aquarium Maintenance in the Portland Area

In their natural habitat in the tributaries that feed the Amazon River, Discus live in acidic water with lots of tannins from decaying vegetation that gives the water a russet tint. The color of the water in your aquarium does not have to be reddish-brown for optimal Discus health but the chemistry of the water has to be close to that of their natural habitat. Without soft, acidic water and a properly cycled biofilter, these animals are prone to disease outbreaks and infrequent eating, which can quickly result in fatalities unless diagnosed and addressed properly. The good news is, people who would love to have these fish in their display but are concerned that they don’t have the technical expertise to keep them healthy can call us for professional, reliable and Discus aquarium services, such as:

  • System design and construction
  • Water quality testing and analysis
  • Recommendations on proper diet and feeding techniques
  • Discus aquarium maintenance
  • Ongoing support services
  • Discus aquarium troubleshooting
  • Other PDX Discus tank services and consultation tailored to the unique needs of each client

Dependable and Experienced PDX Fish Tank Services

If you would like to have a stunning Discus aquarium in your home, office, waiting room or building lobby and are looking for reliable aquarium maintenance that provides results instead of excuses, call (503) 784-4403 today or contact us here. We have quickly earned the reputation of being the Portland area’s premier aquarium service provider by providing outstanding customer service, timely communication and unsurpassed technical expertise. We understand all aspects of caring for a wide range of different types of life support systems and are always happy to share our knowledge with our clients. If this sounds like the kind of company you’d prefer to do business with, contact us today and let’s get started creating a stunning Discus display for you, your family and your clients to enjoy!

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