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Water Quality Testing and Analysis is an Essential Part of Portland Professional Aquarium Maintenance

Water Quality Test KitsThe routine testing of the water quality parameters in a client’s system and the professional analysis of the test results is an integral part of how we proactively maintain healthy systems and animals for our clients. Professional-grade testing reagents allow our aquarium maintenance technicians to gain insight into a system’s water chemistry and overall health. Different water chemistry parameters also inform our decisions on what maintenance needs to be done to each system, how much should be done and how quickly these measures should be taken. This is why careful, knowledgeable and experienced analysis of the test results is key: a client’s water quality is a snapshot of the overall health of the system. This applies to every type of aquarium from koi ponds to coral reef systems to a freshwater display with African cichlids and everything in-between.

Different types of aquatic animals require different water quality parameters to remain healthy, vibrant, and growing. Optimal water quality also boosts the immune systems of aquatic animals and helps prevent outbreaks of disease and parasites. Many of the water quality parameters we routinely test for our clients include:

  • Ammonia – NH3
  • Nitrite – NO2
  • Nitrate – NO3
  • Carbonate hardness – KH
  • General hardness – GH
  • pH
  • Calcium – Ca
  • Magnesium –Mg
  • Potassium – K
  • Iodine – I
  • Strontium – Sr
  • Phosphate – PO4
  • Salinity

Water Quality Testing and Analysis Provided by Experienced PDX Aquarium Maintenance Professionals

Water quality testing and analysis is one of the many aquarium services we provide for our clients but its importance cannot be overstated. Charting these values allows us to track trends over time and provides context for our clients’ questions about why something should be done and when. An unexpected uptick in a key parameter can signal a developing problem that can be addressed long before it negatively impacts the health of a client’s animals and system. For clients who want to know more about what is going on in their systems, test results also allow us to share what we know. We’ve found that client education is key to enhancing their enjoyment of their displays and the animals living in them. If you would like to learn more about including water quality testing and analysis to our Portland aquarium maintenance services, please call us today at (503) 784-4403. We love talking about aquarium science!

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