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Professional Portland, Oregon Dental Office Aquarium Maintenance

Dentists, orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, endodontists and other oral health professionals who put aquariums, terrariums and other aquatic displays in their waiting rooms know exactly what they are doing. The living systems they put in their lobbies and waiting rooms offer a very welcome distraction for their patients that lowers blood pressure, reduces apprehension and stress and helps relax them. However, this soothing effect only works when the aquarium looks great with clear water, clean viewing panels and healthy animals. Most health professionals are too busy caring for their patients and running their practices to maintain their fish tanks as well as they would like. In the Portland area, many turn to the professional aquarists at Aquarium Services of Oregon for reliable dental waiting room aquarium maintenance.

Affordable Dental Office Aquarium Services in the Portland Area

The aquarium cleaning services we provide for our clients is determined by the needs of each client, the type of aquarium(s) they have, and the level of maintenance they need us to provide. Some clients like us to come by one or more times each week. Others prefer biweekly or monthly services, including:

  • Water quality testing and analysis
  • Algae scrubbing
  • Water changes to promote optimal water chemistry
  • Filter cleaning
  • Life support design and building
  • Modifications to existing systems
  • Aquarium installations
  • Substrate vacuuming
  • Aquascaping for a fresh look
  • Animal acquisition and quarantine
  • Other services tailored to the unique needs of each client

Dependable Waiting Room/Lobby Aquarium Maintenance in Portland and Suburbs

There are several aquarium cleaning services that provide maintenance for dental professionals in the Portland area. What separates Aquarium Services of Oregon from other aquarium maintenance providers is our level of customer service, our professionalism, our emphasis on client education and our reputation for providing results, not excuses. We show up on time every time, work cleanly and efficiently, have a professional’s attention to detail and understand that the quality of our work makes a difference in how comfortable each client’s patients feel in their waiting room. How often we provide our aquarium cleaning services is entirely up to each client and we can work around their business hours to ensure their aquariums look engaging at all times. If you are interested in learning more about how we can keep your lobby fish tank healthy and looking great at all times, call us today at (503) 784-4403 or contact us here and let’s discuss the possibilities!

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