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Why Choose Us to be Your Portland Aquarium Maintenance Provider?

There are several aquarium service providers in the Portland, Oregon area, many with years of experience maintaining aquatic life support systems in their clients’ homes and businesses. Why should you choose Aquarium Services of Oregon? What helps us stand out from other service providers and deliver professional results for our clients? Here are a few things that set us apart from our colleagues:

  • Education – Jordan Fry, the owner and lead aquarist of Aquarium Services of Oregon has a degree in Aquarium Science and another in Aquaculture, both of which provide a breadth and depth of education and practical, hands-on knowledge that no other PDX aquarium service providers can match. Sharing this knowledge with his staff and clients is central to the way he conducts business, which allows them to have a more complete understanding of the science of maintaining closed, recirculating systems.
  • Experience – While he was earning his degrees, Mr. Fry also worked and built life support systems in the Teaching Aquarium at Oregon Coast Community College and was the senior aquarist at Hatfield Marine Science Center, a world-class marine science facility with many different kinds of life support systems for education and research. He also designed, built and maintained open and closed aquaculture systems with volumes in the thousands of gallons. Since then, he has built his business caring for freshwater and marine aquaria of all kinds and sizes in private homes and businesses throughout the PDX metro area.
  • Technical expertise – There are very few aquatic animals or life support components that Mr. Fry has not cared for, built, plumbed into systems, repaired, replaced, optimized or otherwise worked with over the years and the list grows with each client he works with and system that he designs and builds.
  • Professionalism – When our aquarists are scheduled to contact a client or arrive at their home or business, they will be there on time, every time without excuses. They perform the work our clients request and go above and beyond to ensure that the work gets done quickly, safely and properly with the utmost respect and care for their homes and businesses. There are many more aspects of our standards of professionalism but suffice it to say, our clients know professional conduct and results when they see it. We stand by it. Professionalism is central to our business philosophy.
  • Results – Whether the results are a stunning display tank full of healthy animals, a properly maintained life support system, water quality parameters within the healthy spectrum of each system, a tank full of animals on the precipice of a health emergency carefully nursed back to health or any other kind of aquarium maintenance, we believe that our results speak for themselves.

Choose Us to be Your PDX Aquarium Service Provider

There are many aspects of our business and the way we care for our clients’ systems that sets us apart from other aquarium maintenance service providers but the best reason to choose us may be a testimonial from one of our clients. If you would like to speak with a client to answer your questions, we welcome the opportunity to let them share their perspective. Call us today at 503.784.4403 and we will ask permission from one or more of our clients so that you may contact them. We’re confident you’ll understand why we are quickly becoming the premier Portland aquarium service provider.

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If you are interested in discussing a professional aquarium maintenance program for your system(s) with Mr. Fry, contact Aquarium Services of Oregon LLC to schedule a consultation.

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