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Bar and restaurant owners in the PDX area are acutely aware of the importance of ambiance to the success of their operations and survival in a very competitive market. They understand that their clientele begins evaluating the feel of a room within a step or two past the front door and begin considering the likelihood of a return long before the first drinks and appetizers arrive. Music selection and levels, the lighting and look of the decor, how much time elapses before the table is greeted, the aromas from an open kitchen and other considerations are weighed and factor into whether or not they’ll be back for another visit soon or not. First impressions are essential, as are how an entrepreneur makes these impressions.

The staff at Lechon in downtown Portland obviously understand first impressions well. Within the first few steps inside, a guest’s eyes are drawn to one of two large aquariums alive with color and motion that attract and reward a lingering gaze. First impression: warm, welcoming, and soothing.

Side view of an aquarium

Behind the bar, a display of jellyfish beckons, the jellies pulsing in languorous circles with each pulse animating the scores of tentacles trailing from each bell. The effect is tranquil, hypnotic and immersive and a drink and perhaps an appetizer at the bar before dinner suddenly sounds like a fine idea.

This thought becomes action when the guest’s eyes drift to the 1,000-gallon coral reef aquarium at the entrance to the dining room to the left of the bar. Brightly colored reef fishes glide and swim in the current and graze on algae on the rockwork between lush colonies of corals. The blues, yellows, and subtle greys of the fishes are enhanced by the brilliant colors of the coral polyps swaying in the current, creating another captivating and calming effect on those nearby. By the time the first round of drinks arrives, all sense of time is lost, mundane concerns are long forgotten and a very favorable impression is already made. I like this place…

If you’re in the process of opening a new bar or restaurant in the Portland area, you already know that generous pours and savory plates are the straightforward part of the operation. Creating a distinctive feel for the room and unique business identity that helps you stand out are difficult but essential parts of your success. Having one or more large aquariums in your facility requires regular and ongoing maintenance performed by a professional aquarist who knows how to proactively manage these living systems and keep them display-worthy at all times.

Top view of an aquarium

At Lechon, these captivating aquariums are maintained by Aquarium Services of Oregon, a locally owned business staffed by professionals with many years of experience working in public aquariums and marine science research facilities. They are able to design, build, stock and maintain a wide range of different aquatic life support systems for businesses and have the high standards for appearance and animal health that you would expect and require for your facility. If you’re looking for professional bar or restaurant aquarium maintenance in and around Portland for an existing display or an upcoming opening, they are worthy of consideration. For more information about how they can make your business stand out and boost check averages, call them today at 503.784.4403 or contact them here.

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