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Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance, Design and Construction in the Portland Area

If you’ve been thinking about adding a freshwater aquarium to your home or business or are looking for a professional to help you design, build and maintain your system, you have definitely come to the right website. With the right planning, plumbing, life support components and maintenance, your freshwater system can complement your living room, family room, waiting room or lobby. It will also add countless hours of contemplative relaxation and enhances the comfort of any room. If you would like to add a freshwater aquarium or renovate an existing system and would like professional input, we’d love to hear from you! Just give us a call today and let’s start exploring the possibilities!

Portland, Oregon Freshwater Aquarium Design and Consulting Services

There are many freshwater system ideas to consider but sometimes you just need a professional opinion to help inform your decisions and make this dream a reality. Our aquarists design, build and maintain all kinds of freshwater tanks and relish the chance to create something new and innovative for our clients. If you’re looking for ideas, consider the following freshwater system biotopes:

  • African cichlid aquaria – Most African cichlids prefer rocky habitats with plenty of nooks and crannies to hide and spawn. The muted colors of rocks also help the electric greens, blues and yellows of these fishes really pop and make a great backdrop to enjoy their different personalities and behaviors.
  • Live planted – Whether it is a community tank with a few live plants or a fully planted tank with a few fishes for contrast, there are endless possibilities to explore if you’d like live plants in your system.
  • Rio Negro habitat – Imagine schools of cardinal and rummynose tetras swimming between gnarly fingers of rootwood, with Corydoras catfish scurrying about on the substrate winking at you as they look for morsels. Perhaps a live plant or two to complement the tannins leaching from the wood and a plecostomus as well?
  • Single species aquarium with schooling fish – In our opinion, one of the most striking biotopes for a longer aquarium, such as 125 gallons in volume or larger, is a school of hundreds of the same fishes schooling together and moving as one. It’s a striking and engaging sight and seems to pull the viewer closer without them realizing it.
  • Fancy goldfishes – Bulbous or slim, fancy fins or fine, there are lots of types of goldfishes in many forms and colors that also have distinct personalities for you, your family or your patients or clients to enjoy.

These are just a handful of the many options to consider for your Portland area home or business. Just let us know what you have in mind and let’s make it happen!

Professional and Affordable Portland Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance

Suffice it to say that no matter what kind of freshwater system you’d like to see in your home or business, our team of professional aquarists has the experience, acumen and eye for detail to help make your idea a stunning, living and thriving reality. Education is the foundation of our aquarium design and maintenance business and we love helping our clients learn about the specifics of each type of freshwater system and the animals that will do best in each biotope. We also love maintaining these systems and let each client determine how much maintenance they want us to provide. For more information on how Aquarium Services of Oregon can help you create and maintain your system, call us today at 503.784.4403!

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