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Waterbox Aquarium Setup, Moving and Maintenance Service in the Portland Area

We’re starting to get a lot more calls from current and prospective clients about setting up Waterbox Aquariums and it’s easy to see why. These are really sharp-looking rimless all-in-one systems, with Starphire Ultra-Clear glass, clean, uniform beveling on the edges, low-profile seams and really cool, self-leveling cabinetry. They’re not inexpensive but they are strikingly pretty fish and coral tanks and unlike other all-in-one systems, the Waterbox model allows buyers to customize the lighting and water circulation to fit they type of tank they want. Pretty much everything else you need to set up the system, including the plumbing supplies are included. However, no matter how easy they make it to set up and maintain one of their systems, many folks are understandably leery about setting up an aquarium in their home or business. If you would like your new fish tank to be built and maintained by a professional aquarist, give us a call at 503.784.4403 and let’s discuss the possibilities!

Portland Area Waterbox Maintenance

No matter how small or large you’d like your new Waterbox fish tank to be or what you’d like to have in it, there’s a model and size that’s probably just right for you. Consider the following categories and the models in each category:

Cube Category

These are smart little desktop and tabletop all-in-ones that will fit and enhance just about any location. The number indicates the volume in gallons.

  • Waterbox Cube Nano 7
  • Waterbox Cube 10
  • Waterbox Cube 15
  • Waterbox Cube 20

Silver Series

Designed for beginners who have always wanted a saltwater fish or coral tank, these systems come in different configurations with or without stands.

Waterbox Silver Marine AIO (All In One) Series

These models include the tank, filtration, media and pump. The cabinetry is optional. For these models, the first number indicates the volumes in gallons; the second is length of the tank in feet.

  • Waterbox Silver Marine 28.2 Coral Frag Tank
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 30.2
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 40.2
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 50.3

Waterbox Silver Marine Series

The Silver Marine series is designed for intermediate hobbyists who want a larger system that includes the aquarium, laminated plywood cabinet, sump and plumbing kit. The first number indicates the volumes in gallons; the second is length of the tank in feet.

  • Waterbox Silver Marine 35.1
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 45.2
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 60.2
  • Waterbox Silver Marine 70.3

Waterbox Platinum Frag Series

Designed for intermediate to advanced coral lovers, these aquarium systems provided owners with a way to grow out their coral frags, as well as the broodstock for fragging. These systems require some plumbing skill and a working knowledge of overflow filtration systems. For this series the first number also indicates volume in gallons, with the second indicating length in feet.

  • Waterbox Platinum Frag 45.2
  • Waterbox Platinum Frag 60.3
  • Waterbox Platinum Frag 80.4

Waterbox Platinum Reef Series

These systems are built for the advanced reefing hobbyist who wants a great-looking tank but also wants the flexibility to build it the way they want to. These models include the aquarium, cabinet, filtration and plumbing.

  • Waterbox Platinum Reef 70.2
  • Waterbox Platinum Reef 100.3
  • Waterbox Platinum Reef 130.4

Platinum Pro Series

These systems are also made for advanced reefers but are larger volume systems with thicker glass and afford buyers more flexibility with their builds. They include chambered sumps for different filtration options, reactors and refugia.

  • Waterbox Platinum Pro 170.4
  • Waterbox Platinum Pro 190.5
  • Waterbox Platinum Pro 230.6

Crystal Peninsula Series

These systems are the top-of-the-line for those who want their aquarium to make a bold statement. These dramatic tanks can serve as room dividers or take over a full wall in your home or business. This series is for buyers who want to choose their own lighting, filtration, circulation and other components. Slightly different naming convention here: the first two numbers indicate the length in inches; the last two denote the depth in inches.

  • Waterbox Crystal Peninsula 5526
  • Waterbox Crystal Peninsula 6026
  • Waterbox Crystal Peninsula 7226

Professional Portland Aquarium Maintenance for your Waterbox Aquarium

If you’re looking for a PDX fish tank maintenance service to help set up, move, and/or maintain your Waterbox fish tank, give us a call today at 503.784.4403. We customize our aquarium services to meet the needs of each client and can come as often or as little as you’d like. How much we do and how often we do it is entirely up to you. If this sounds like the type of Portland aquarium care you’re looking for, give us a call or fill out a contact form here and let’s discuss the possibilities!

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