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Vacation Coverage Tank-Sitting Services

Aquarium Vacation Coverage in the Portland, Oregon Area

Sooner or later, hobbyists and business owners need someone to look after their systems and animals while they are away for business, pleasure and emergencies. If they are lucky, they know someone who can be trusted to perform feeds, light maintenance and troubleshooting. However, there aren’t that many aquarium owners who have someone who is qualified to perform these daily tasks and can be relied on to be there as often as necessary. If you’re looking for reliable vacation tank-sitting services that will provide professional results for your systems and peace of mind while you’re away, call us today at 503.784.4403.

Some of the PDX Tank-Sitting Services We Provide for Our Clients

We customize our vacation coverage/tank-sitting services based on the unique needs of each client and their animals. Some animals may only need to be fed a couple times each week. Others need to be fed a couple times each day to maintain optimal health. How often our aquarists provide coverage and the services we provide are entirely up to you. Some of the vacation coverage services we provide include:

  • Feeding – Our aquarists will not overfeed or underfeed your animals and only feed foods that are appropriate to their natural diets. We will also follow the feeding regimen that you specify, so that your animals receive the same level of care that you provide.
  • Routine maintenance – Algae scrubbing, filter cleaning and replacement and water changes are just a few of the many tank-sitting services we provide for our clients. How much or little maintenance we perform is entirely up to you.
  • System checks – Your nephew or the guy down the block may or may not know the appropriate temperature, flow rates, life support component performance and other factors crucial to the health of your system and animals. The more sophisticated your system, the less likely they are to know these things. Our professional aquarists will. Professional system checks provide professional results and peace of mind time after time.
  • Animal health checks – Sometimes another set of eyes can pick up on small changes in animal behavior and appearance that is easy for an owner to overlook. When we provide vacation coverage, we look at every aspect of the health of your system and animals and will catch small problems before they get a chance to become big problems.
  • Updates via phone, text or email – If you would like to receive daily updates, we are happy to provide them as part of our coverage services. If you prefer not to receive updates or will be unable to receive them, you can rely on our dedication and professionalism while you’re away.

Professional, Reliable Portland Tank-Sitting Services

If the last person you entrusted with caring for your systems was not up to the task and you want to enjoy your time away without the nagging concern that your animals are not receiving adequate care, call us today at 503.784.4403 to schedule a consultation. Our aquarists are courteous, responsible and trustworthy to care for your systems and will provide the level of care you expect from a professional aquarium maintenance provider. Peace of mind is just a phone call away.

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