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Professional, Reliable Aquarium Maintenance Services in Beaverton

Beaverton Aquarium MaintenanceWe have a wide range of different clients for our Beaverton fish tank maintenance business and provide of them with the same level of professionalism, attention to detail and customer service. Whether you need regular maintenance on a 20,000-gallon showpiece in the lobby of your company’s headquarters or occasional maintenance on your 20-gallon tank on your kitchen counter, our goal is the same: professional service, technical advice and a healthy aquatic system with healthy animals in it. We customize our aquarium services to the unique needs of each client and while there are other companies providing Beaverton aquarium services, none have the breadth and depth of experience and expertise that our professional aquarists provide.

Dependable Beaverton Aquarium Services and Great Customer Service

Over the last several years, we have earned the trust of many different types of clients with a near-endless variety of aquariums. Examples of systems currently under our care include freshwater systems, saltwater systems, coral reef displays, freshwater planted tanks, fish-only systems, koi ponds, goldfish tanks, terrariums and many others. We currently provide services to the following Beaverton clients:

  • Private homes
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Ophthalmologist’s offices
  • Dentist and orthodontist waiting rooms
  • Wellness centers
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Other discriminating clients who rely on professional results, not excuses

Affordable Aquarium Maintenance in Beaverton, Oregon

Our professional aquarists have earned degrees in Aquarium Science and Aquaculture and have years of experience working in public aquariums, marine science research facilities, and university aquaculture systems in the tens of thousands of gallons. This experience is invaluable for helping us troubleshoot our clients’ problems and designing and building aquatic life support systems for their homes and businesses. If you’d like to learn more about how Aquarium Services of Oregon can help you have a stunning aquarium display of your own contact us here or give us a call today at 503.784.4403 and let’s get started!

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