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There are several companies that provide aquarium maintenance services in Portland, Oregon, but few have the breadth and depth of experience of the staff at Aquarium Services of Oregon. Our professional aquarists have worked in public aquariums, world-class marine science facilities, and large research and aquaculture facilities and have many years of experience taking care of aquatic life support systems in homes and businesses. We offer personalized aquarium maintenance services that are tailored to the needs of each client and their aquariums and can come as often as they need us. We have extensive experience caring for freshwater planted tanks, stunning coral reef displays, fish-only tanks, koi ponds, and many others. Whether your system is freshwater or saltwater, large or small, in your home or business, an existing system or a new build, suffice it to say that Aquarium Services of Oregon has all your Portland aquarium service needs covered.

Professional and Reliable Aquarium Maintenance Services in Portland

We offer a comprehensive list of aquarium maintenance services for Portland home and business owners and can combine as many or few of these services as you’d like. We love what we do and really love helping our clients enjoy stunning aquarium displays of all sizes. Some of the more common Portland aquarium services we provide include:

  • Aquarium design and installation – Need a new system designed and built for a specific location in your home or business? We love setting our clients up for success! We design and build aquatic life support systems for exactly the type of aquatic display that you want no matter how big you want it to be. Just tell us what kind of display you’d like and we’ll make it happen.
  • Aquarium consultation – No matter the nature of the consultation, you can rely on us for professional results. With our experience, professionalism and dedication to our craft and our clients, we have you covered. Guaranteed.
  • Water changes – Regular water changes are an essential part of aquarium maintenance and aquatic animal health. If you’d like someone to come in and perform regular water changes on your system, just give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled for service as often as you’d like.
  • Aquarium cleaning – Whether it is algae scrubbing, cleaning filters and life support components, substrate vacuuming or any other type of aquarium cleaning services, you can rely on our attention to detail to get the job done right every time.
  • Water quality testing and analysis – Regular testing of the water chemistry parameters in your system is a snapshot of the overall health of the system and everything living in it. If you’re too busy to test the water yourself or are unsure about what those numbers really mean, we’re happy to test your water on a regular basis and base our aquarium services and advice on what we find. We’re also happy to explain what the results mean and how they affect the health of your animals. The way we see it, client education is one of the most important Portland aquarium services we provide.
  • Modifications to existing Portland aquariums – When it comes to modifying an existing aquatic life support system, each situation is different. However, what remains consistent is our ability to diagnose and troubleshoot problems and prevent them from happening again. Got a problem with your system and not sure how to fix it? Leave it to the Portland aquarium maintenance pros at Aquarium Services of Oregon. We have you covered.
  • Tank-sitting services – Sooner or later, everyone needs someone to look after their systems and animals when they are away. For professional, reliable Portland tank-sitting service and vacation coverage, along with peace of mind, call us today and enjoy peace of mind while you’re away.
  • Emergency services – No matter the nature of the emergency, you can call us anytime to help you find the best way to deal with the emergency and prevent it from happening again. We hope you never need our Portland emergency aquarium service but if you do, help is a phone call away.

The Portland aquarium services listed above are just a few of the many different services we provide for our clients. Whether it’s our first time working on your Portland fish tank or our fiftieth, you can rely on our experience, professionalism, knowledge and customer service to deliver results, not excuses. For more information about how Aquarium Services of Oregon can tailor our Portland fish tank services to your needs, contact us here or give us a call at 503.784.4403 today and let’s get started!

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